News update 8/5/17

Lionel Messi's doppelganger, Raza almost in trouble

Mixed reactions have followed his recent photographs all over the social media.
The image you are looking at is not Messi's, it's his look alike

Reza Parastesh is an Iranian young man who has been very popular and famous these days due to his resemblance to Argentine professional footballer Lionel Messi.

“During my adolescence, everyone who saw me said “how much you look like Messi!”, to the extent that my family members and friends were calling me ‘Messi’. - he says

Reza Parastesh bears an uncanny resemblance to the Barcelona and Argentina forward and decided that it would be a fun idea to dress up as the player and wander around the Iranian city of Hamedan.

So far, so good. But Parastesh had absolutely no idea how popular he would prove with the citizens of the city.

So many people began coming up to the student and pleading with him for photographs and selfies that the police had to rush him to the local station to preserve public order and clear traffic.

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