Big updates coming through this xmas

Seasons greetings to all app users of the hitwin basic and pro
There will be major changes this period as we strive to get you better results and clarity.
Below are some of the changes!

1. There will be a different appearance for the icon and the graphical user interface will be synonymous with the website.

2. Feeds will be added for sport news updates and critical information about teams to aid your betting quests.

3. We will open our algorithms in percentages based on purely maths. You can use your emotions with them :)
More information on that later.

4. We are addressing the issues of games timing. Therefore predictions will get out 3hours before first match.

5. Correct score predictions will be returning and this time based purely on percent surety. Use your emotions with them :)

If there are any questions don't hesitate to email us.

Best regards

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