Fifa 19 is, of course, a lot like Fifa 18. Except in all the ways it isn't – and there are many of them, not all of which might be immediately clear.

The newest game is a subtle update, but that's not to say it's not a substantial one. It tweaks many of the fundamentals of the game without making you feel confused, and it fixes issues that you never even realised the series had.

Ultimately, it does that by changing things at the most advanced and most basic ends of the game. EA Sports knows that Fifa is perhaps unparalleled in its ability to reach players both incredibly casual and unbelievably committed – it is probably the only game equally beloved by both eSports competitors and those working off hangovers – and the newest changes are destined to appeal to both.

For those roped into playing their one match of Fifa a year, for instance, there is the new kick-off mode. That adds fun alterations like having no referee or only being able to score from outside the box, but it also includes a new advantage system that allows players to start a couple of goals down, for instance, or play with a more advanced AI.

And at the other end of the scale there are the subtle tweaks that the game has made to the way the game rewards skill. You are better rewarded for skill, and new features allow top players to add new kinds of tricks and shots to their play.

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